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Premium Doggy Day Care and Training Centre in Liverpool

We know that your dog is really precious to you, which is why precious paws doggy day care Liverpool aim is to ensure that every time your dog comes to play with us, he/she is jumping for joy and excitement, and can’t wait to get through the door.

We  have over 35 years experience of caring for and working with dogs, and we know that showing them lots of love, and cuddles are just as important as helping them learn how to play with us, and each other.

Guiding them through new experiences, and offering them different ways to play, learn and relax. Dogs like nothing more than to socialise, even those that may initially find it a bit scary, they are naturally pack animals.

Dogs are sociable, and most love to play with other dogs. It is important that this is done in a structured and safe way. The staff are all very experienced in dog behaviour and body language, and use this to constantly monitor all activities. Varied activities, are separated by times of calm, to ensure that all the dogs have a happy and safe experience.

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There are several choices of environment for your dog at Precious Paws Premium Doggy Day Care Liverpool, and we ensure that groups are small and that all dogs have a choice of where they want to play and rest.

We schedule the day like a nursery, to ensure that all aspects of enrichment are experienced. We have two outdoor arenas, an undercover outdoor space, Sniffari and sleep zones, as well as a large indoor arena.

All dogs are supervised constantly. We want to make sure that every dog in our care is as safe and happy as possible, we therefore only accept dogs that are up to date with all their preventative injections, worming and flea treatments.

We also assess each dog thoroughly to ensure that doggy day care is the right environment for them.

Following assessment, an induction plan is agreed with owners to ensure that their dog has the best experience while settling in.

Our doggy daycare provides you with excellent value for money, when compared to sitters and dog walkers.

We are also able to provide a variety of training, with qualified trainers within the daycare setting.

We offer the very best training via our Training Centre. See our training section for more information

Puppy Socialisation Liverpool

Puppy Socialisation & Habituation

Like children, puppies love to explore, learn and experience new things. Effective socialisation and exposure to experiences will make your puppy happy, confident and promote positive behaviour.
We recommend starting socialisation after vaccinations are complete via our Puppy Playgroup.
Once pups are confident enough and/or over 18 weeks we can arrange socialisation in the daycare environment, via our nursery sessions held each day Tues to Fri.
It is possible for some older pups to attend too, this is agreed on an individual basis. Some breeds of pup may become too overstimulated, or may become too boisterous prior to reaching 18weeks to attend playgroup, this is discussed on an individual basis.
Doggy Day Care Training Liverpool

Comprehensive Training

Everyone, especially your dog will benefit from being trained. Dogs like nothing more than to please us, and find the mental enrichment of learning exciting.
We offer training as part of day care, and via a range of specialist classes, lead by an IMDT qualified Instructor.
Dog Training and Day Care Liverpool

Physical, Social and Mental Enrichment

Dogs and puppies are inquisitive, energetic, eager to learn, and easily bored.
ogs show their emotion, whether we know how to understand it, is perhaps another matter.
When dogs are bored, they can become stressed, often resulting in destructive and/or aggressive behaviour. Physical, mental and social enrichment are key to promoting a happy, healthy and confident dog
All our staff have received extensive training and qualifications in canine behaviour, training, first aid etc. we have our ‘wonderwall’ of all our qualifications and training in the reception area.

About Us

Doggy Day Care Liverpool

Our Mission is to be the go-to  Doggy Day Care, Training and Behaviour Centre in Liverpool & Merseyside. Our aim is to make sure your dog is happy and healthy and thoroughly enjoys their time at Precious Paws.

Our  daycare facilities are suitable for small and medium dogs.  

Team Leaders

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As the team leaders at Precious Paws, we nurture, protect and teach our pack members how to have fun through play, teamwork, training and socialisation.

The combination of our knowledge and skill, with our environment, enables us to achieve our aim with every dog.

What Sets Us Apart

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Dogs respond well to structure in their lives. We ensure that our fun is created within a structured environment, that meets the holistic needs of your beloved dog. Whilst free play and interaction is important to socialisation, so is obedience and continuous behaviour development.

We have 3 trainers within our team, and all our staff are canine first aid trained. We also have a behaviourist. Our staff undertake continuous professional development, and are experienced in the understanding of dog behaviour, and management of many behavioural and/or training needs

Our facilities are self contained within a small and very friendly light industrial park, close to all the major transport links – rail, motorway and airport.

We have a purpose made facility, consisting of specifically designed areas. Our large indoor are, ana, provides a fantastic space with toys and equipment, a cool area of shade in the summer and a warmed heated area in winter.

Our outdoor space provides a covered and sheltered space, ideal for our sleepy dogs, with lots of different types of beds, including raised beds, tub beds, large mattresses, bucket chairs and raised beds, along with vet bed sheepskins and blankets.

The large outdoor arena, can be divided into 2 separate areas when required. Within the arenas, are climbing areas, raised equipment, agility and play equipment, tunnels, sandpits, and a calming scent shack, which provides shelter, and calming scents for the dogs.

We also have a large and secure covered area within the outdoor space.

A further area provides a sniffari zone. Dogs explore their world through their nose, this helps them to be calm, and enables them to assess their surroundings, and become accustomed to something that is unfamiliar. Our Sniffari zone provides scents from so many different locations, the beach, farms, woods, herbs, and hidden treat locations. It also provides different textures, and heights to explore, hidden areas where the dogs can sleep or rest. This is an amazing space to calm an excited dog, or to reassure a nervous or anxious dog.

We believe that our facilities are second to none, and will ensure that your dog has fun in a safe and expertly constructed environment.

We are licenced through Liverpool City Council, and we are proud that we achieved the highest rating of 5 stars, meaning that we meet all the higher level standards required. In addition our inspection was the first that the inspector had undertaken and hadn’t given any actions required, meaning we scored 100%, the first and only doggy daycare provision to do so in Liverpool.

Our Team

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We carefully select our staff to ensure that their passion for dogs is equal to ours.

We then encourage them to learn, supporting their development, so that they are able to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our staff have recognised qualificiations and training through the IMDT in : Dog Training, Behaviour, Nutrition, Breed Traits & Predatory Patterns, Seperation Anxiety, Cognitive Function, Puppy Specialists, to name just a few.

All our staff are certified in canine first aid, this is renewed every 2 years to ensure that they are always as up to date as possible with any new techniques.

We are committed to continued professional development of all our staff

Certifications & Accreditation

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OCN Level 3 Certificate in Canine First Aid.

Ofqual Level 3 Canine First Aid qualified.

We are also licenced with liverpool city council as a 5 star provision, meeting all the higher standards required.

All certificates are available for viewing in the Reception Area.

IMDT tiny logo Registered Trainer