Puppy & Dog Training


Puppy & Dog Training classes in Liverpool, Speke, Woolton, Halewood

Ofqual level 3 professional day care and boarding

Puppy Playgroup

Puppy Socialisation & Habituation
Run every Sunday. Booked in advance
Price £15 per session

Like children, puppies love to explore, learn and experience new things. Effective socialisation and exposure to experiences will make your puppy happy, confident and promote positive behaviour.

We recommend starting socialisation after vaccinations are complete via our Puppy Playgroup. Once pups are confident enough and/or over 18 weeks we can arrange socialisation in the daycare environment.

Some smaller breeds may be able to utilise playgroup sessions to build confidence and socialisation when they are older. This is agreed and/recommended on an individual basis.

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Puppy Support Home Visits

New Puppy Home Visit Service.
A trained professional to give new owners guidance and support. The best start for you and your puppy.

Prices available on request 

We can advise on diet, nutrition, enrichment and much more.

We will arrange a visit to your home and you will also receive a voucher for 50% discount on your first puppy playgroup with us at Precious Paws Premium Doggy Daycare + Ltd.

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Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Bronze level foundation training for all ages.
4 weeks £80

This programme will cover key skills to form a basis for further training

  • Eye Contact
  • Settle
  • Sit and Stay
  • Recall

Silver Level Training, for those that have gruated bronze level.
4 weeks £90

Basic Training for dogs over 1 year or graduates of Bronze Level. A four week intensive fast track Course.

This provides further development of key skills of obedience:

  • Heel work
  • Loose Lead
  • Reliable Recall
  • Enhanced Settle
  • Eye Contact

    Gold Level (Advanced – competition level)
    6 weeks £100

    • On/Off Lead heel work
    • Sending dog to bed
    • Emergency Stop
    • Advanced Stay
    • Emergency Stop
    • Impulse control
    • Retreive Obedience
    • Present and finish 

    Reactive Dog Course

    A six week course for owners and reactive dogs. This course is run up to 4 times annually.
    Full details of content, cost and dates are available on request.

    Agility & Hoopers

    Training in all aspects of competition standard agility, across all equipment, jumps and weaves.
    Foundation level – puppies under 1 year of age. Four week Course, 1 hr per week. £60

    One off sessions for mixed abilities are available ad-hoc. Agility only runs from May to September.
    Hoopers sessions run throughout the winter for all ages and abilities.

    Foundation Level – for dogs under 1 year.
    4 week course £60 (Agility and Hoopers)

    An introduction to Balance and foot placement, run lines and commands/signals, and foundation tunnel, jump wings, Adjustable A Frame, Dog Walk and See Saw.

    One off Sessions : £20 per session
    (advertised on social media)

    Pop up sessions to maintain motivation, improve accuracy and speed.

    Basic Agility: £80 for dogs over one year of age

    Full agility programme using comprehensive set of agility equipment, training to competition standard.

    These are advertised on social media

    Puppy & Dog Training Liverpool

    One to One Training

    Is provided for owners that prefer intensive one to one support. Prices are available on request

    puppy playgroup


    For owners that feel they need support and guidance with any element of their puppy’s/dog’s behaviour, we have an experienced and qualified behaviourist who will be happy to undertake a comprehensive assessment and develop an individualised rehabilitation plan.

    Prices available on request.

    puppy & dog training liverpool


    We provide a variety of workshops which are advertised on Instagram and Facebook.

    These vary in content, but include Separation Anxiety, Scent, Recharged Recall, Canine First Aid (level 3 OCN for owners and professionals).